Why Blog?

I wanted to put something out into the world that counteracted on things I see as contributing to issues we have in society now. We live in a society where things are shared, posted, liked, and often times it is suppose to be in the now. But not the present, mindful living in the now, because if you're constantly sharing an update about what you're doing, are you actually savoring all the details of that moment?

We currently live in a culture where we have a barrage of imagery coming at us from our screens. We were first marketed by larger industries and businesses that if we owned such a product, our lives would be enhanced in some particular way. The vehicle of marketing has trickled down to individuals, bloggers, instagrammers.

And it can make us feel like we're missing out if we don't own that product or wear those clothes or are traveling to some fabulous country. We select and curate the most envious of life's moments to gain likes, followers, and perhaps validation or others' envy. To be clear: I am not am against social media. I follow Instagram and Youtube accounts of influencers. I have a in depth skin care routine, apply makeup, and am a consumer of clothes and products. What I am advocating for is a balance. 

 My hope is that we begin to shift the emphasis on our outer world to our inner world. We should all be diving deeper into ourselves by examining all our thoughts and our actions. I want to be a voice to say that it's okay to do that, that in fact, I do it. I want to put more meaning behind the words we say (instead of cliche happy quotes that ignore real development work).

The last three years of my life have been transformative for me. This blog will include peaks into my inner world with personal stories, travels, lessons from psychoanalysis, books and articles that have helped me. I'm not sure where the blog will go and the posts won't all be this serious, but I'm hoping that these things will resonate with you or maybe spark an idea or conversation.

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