Today was a beautiful and sunny Saturday. It began with yoga with my bestie, plant shopping, and re-potting my succulents. We met up with our wonderful friend for lunch and great conversation.

It WAS a good day.

Then a car hit me.

He hit me while I had the walk sign. He was making a left turn, slowly, inching. I saw him, I thought he saw me, but he sped up. I tried to get away but it was too late. His bumper hit into my upper left hamstring, the left side of my body landed on his hood, and finally when my chin hit the hood, my body and car stopped.

I was a deer in headlights. I was in shock, time seemed to slow. I grabbed my eye glasses that dropped off my nose onto the concrete. I yelled WHAT THE FUCK, you hit me and I tried to pull myself out of that shock so that I could function and know what to do next. I knew I was physically okay, no concussion, no LOC, no internal organ injury, nothing broken, but I also knew that I might be sore and have pain in the next few days. I didn't need an ambulance and didn't want to wait for police.

I also knew I didn't know what to do next, but I needed his information. He didn't try to run and he pulled over and was quite polite (maybe he was also in shock). He handed over his license to me and I got a picture of his license plate. I noticed he was an uber driver and the license was temporary. He was profusely saying sorry. He even offered to give me a ride to my destination. (No, I don't want to get into a car with YOU. You just hit me! A free car ride does not solve things.)

Then I walked away, to try to go on with my day, because well, shock. I texted my friends and they came running down to make sure I was okay. I was already at the next block and my instinct was to armor up and carry on as usual . But having them around DID make me feel better.

I was in so much shock that I was calm AF. I was mostly annoyed that it happened. Then as I was approaching my therapist office, I just started bawling. The shock wore down and I felt safe enough to cry. I told her what happened. And made a decision to go to urgent care for a baseline exam, and file a police report later on. It was so terrifying and exhausting. I keep replying the details of what happened.

And now I'm exhausted.

Things I gathered from this experience

- I am so fucking grateful that I wasn't hurt

- I am so fucking grateful for my best friend, Stephanie, that came out once she heard the news, rode the train with me to the UES for the appt, and picked me up after I finished with urgent care. Thank you for choosing me to be in your life.

- Grateful for all my friends that I could vent to and offer me some emotional support and be there for me whether in person or through text.

-Grateful that I wasn't so shell shocked that I did not know what to do because years past, I would definitely freeze in the moment. It takes my brain a lot of time to absorb a present situation before acting, sometimes never even acting in the present.

There are more things. The not so grateful things,but still lessons. That'll be in another post.

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