Helloooo, April

March was fucking rough. I had a break up, a move, transition to living by myself, tears, anger, joy, and it all ended with a bang. The literal bang of a car crashing into me.

But I'd do it all over again.




I'd do it because I am so so grateful and appreciative of everything that I gained from it. Growth happens in difficult situations.The true test of appreciation and gratitude come when times are tough. It's easy to practice gratitude in ideal situations.

I am grateful that I have this place, this apartment to call my home and be my sanctuary. Especially grateful I chose NOT to have a roommate.

I am grateful for the memories AND the lessons of the last relationship. And there were tears, but now I get to feel alive and thrive.

I am grateful I let myself feel and accept my feelings because it helps me process, do something about it or let go.

I am grateful for being totally fine from my car crash. No broken bones, no concussion, no internal organ injuries, and only mild muscular/tendon pain. I could also be grateful for working out so that the muscular pain felt routine.

And from that car crash, it led to me having a better connection with my mother. Something I've wanted all my life. (I was writing that story, but I couldn't finish).

Would I change this story? Would I change March. 100% NO

But April, I'm sure ready for you.

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